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Vitafoods Sustainability

At Vitafoods, not only are we committed to running our events in an environmentally and socially responsible way, but we also want to go further and inspire the sustainable development of the industry we serve.

By connecting people with relevant networks and knowledge at our events, we’re helping them to solve some of the biggest challenges facing the sector to ensure long-term, sustainable growth.

Our focus

Helping the nutraceutical market inspire sustainable development

  •  Providing content that enables sustainable development
  • Sharing best practices with our stakeholders
  • Developing market relevant partnerships

Running events in an environmentally responsible manner

  • Working towards zero carbon emissions and zero waste by 2025
  • Checking the sustainability credentials of the items we source for the event

Running events in a socially responsible manner

  • Doing business safely and ethically
  • Considering wellbeing and accessibility
  • Measuring our impact to ensure we are positively impacting on our host city

How did Vitafoods become a leader in sustainable events?


We started to focus on waste reduction, carbon emission offsetting and community empowerment for our events.

We worked to minimise the impact our operations have on the environment and on the communities we serve.

We empowered communities with educational events and purpose-driven partnerships.

We offset of our carbon emissions with the use of renewable electricity.

We reduced waste from single use plastics and printed materials before, during and after our in-person events.


We developed the framework and confirmed our 3 key pillars.

We used renewable energy during Vitafoods Europe and also launched a sustainability audience feature.

Carried out independent research on impact of the event for industry and Geneva city.

VFE became first legacy GE Informa event to achieve the prestigious ISO 20211 Sustainability Certificate.

Awarded Informa Market Awards - Excellence in Sustainability.


Due to the global lockdown, all in-person events were cancelled. We launched several digital event solutions. 

We believed that a virtual events should continue our sustainability commitment.

We partnered with a nonprofit Charity for the first time.

We produced sustainability content and encouraged healthy lifestyle during virtual events.

Vitafoods became the first brand within the EMEA region to reach Leaders status on our fundmentals.


We are adapting our sustainability commitment to all our virtual, hybrid and in-person events.

We have started contributing to a collective voice and developing a common advocacy agenda for the community by becoming a global member of Sun Business Network.


Keep measuring and reducing our events’ greenhouse gas emissions.

Compensate emissions that are unavoidable.

Our Goal 

By 2025

Zero Carbon

Zero Waste

Achieving our goal

Zero Carbon Waste by 2025

by following these three simple steps:

1. Measure our events' greenhouse gas emissions

2. Reduce these emissions as much as possible by taking adequate measures

3. Compensate the emissions that are unavoidable, by using the United Nations Certified Emissions Reductions (CERs).