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What's on the agenda?

During Vitafoods Insights Virtual Expo Europe, we will cover six key themes, including EU Regulatory Compliance, Product Development, Healthy Ageing, Sports Nutrition, Gut & Immune Health, and Mental Wellness. We will also cover macro-industry themes such as market trends and sustainability. All sessions are held in Central European Time.

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Digestive Health

The Main Stage showcases key programming in critical business areas, with a focus on the European and APAC geographies. Join us for insights into regulatory considerations, industry trends to watch, supply chain considerations, and packaging.

Healthy Ageing Stage

While the topic of healthy ageing has been on consumers’ radars for years, the pandemic illustrated the critical importance of health for a lifetime. Co-morbidities increased consumers’ susceptibility to infection, while strong baseline wellness supported recovery. Moving into the ‘new normal’, the healthy ageing category will grow beyond aching knees and wrinkles, squarely into nutritional support that can boost health-span. Get market research insights on consumers’ new focus on wellness, a discussion on the alignment between healthy ageing and personalised nutrition, and much more.

Gut & Immune Health Stage

Digestive, gut and immune health have certainly gained attention in consumers’ eyes throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. A combination of consumers paying closer attention to their gut health and greater product awareness, the market for probiotic products constantly blooms. Consumers continue to be interested in products backed by science, especially those that link gut health to immunity and cognition. As the gut and immune health categories evolve, consumers are expected to find more innovative products that simultaneously support both. Get insights into product formulations, study designs, new forms for product delivery, and more. 

Sports & Active Nutrition Stage

A global uptake of proactive health is motivating consumers to be conscious of how diet and lifestyle impacts long-term quality of life. With broad market appeal to professional and amateur athletes, sports nutrition brands are constantly innovating to attract an increasingly diverse consumer base. From protein and energy, to recovery and mental performance, the sports nutrition market offers product developers a variety of gaps in which to focus investment and efforts. Hear about the greater evidence-based recognition of athlete’s professional needs, a framework for health claims assessment, and discussions around innovation that supports serious amateurs.  

Mental Performance Stage

The rising cultural consensus on the importance of mental health and the international increase in stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has led to mental wellbeing and cognitive performance being more important than ever. Consumer demand is ever-increasing for products to relieve stress, improve sleep and enhance mental performance. What are the best ingredients to meet this demand? How can we ensure legal compliance with products containing adaptogens and other nootropics? What are the best forms for product delivery? Get insights into these all-important questions and learn how we can expect this category to develop post-COVID-19.