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Build your personal brand

One of the main reasons we attend industry events is to network. So why, when there are arguably more networking opportunities, should a virtual event be any different? To get the most out of Vitafoods Insights Virtual Expo, we’ve outlined some key things that you can do, to increase your presence and make new business connections.

Before the event

It’s important to let your network know you’re attending, this way you can establish and maintain new and existing relationships.

If you are a visitor, you can spread the word by inviting your social network to the event, simply by selecting your preferred social network in the confirmation email you have received. 

You can also follow the LinkedIn event page and official hashtag #VitafoodsInsights to keep updated on all event-related content.

If you’re an exhibitor, make sure to promote your participation at the event to gain as much exposure as possible. As part of your exhibitor package, you receive web banners to promote your participation along with a guide on how you can make your exhibitor profile stand out. We’ll be sharing some of the best posts our official social media pages.

During the event

Sharing your favourite moments and industry takeaways shows your network you are in the know and give like-minded professionals a reason to reach out.

Need some inspiration? Share a picture of your online set up (either at home, in the office or elsewhere), enjoying a live or on-demand session or meeting with a client or peer (if you have their consent). Don't forget to include the official event hashtag #VitafoodsInsights

After the event

Some of the most memorable events are those with the most audience participation. At Vitafoods Insights Virtual Expo, there are numerous ways to interact once event is underway.

From intelligent match-making - that will connect you with relevant exhibitors - to roundtable discussions with fellow visitors you’re never more than a couple of clicks away from someone who could make a real difference to your business. What's more, the platform will be open for meetings 22 hours today, allowing you to connect across time-zones. Something to bear in mind is that as a visitor you can only connect with exhibitors, whereas exhibitors can connect with both attendees and other exhibitors

Our content sessions will feature a live Q&A, where you can keep the conversation going using our chat function. Learned something new? You can also share your favourite moments on your preferred social media platform for the community to enjoy.

Throughout the duration of the event, participants will also be able to send meeting requests, so it’s important to manage your calendar to meet with potential business partners. Once you’ve met with others, you can even exchange virtual business cards to continue the conversation.