Vitafoods Insights Virtual Expo is part of the Informa Markets Division of Informa PLC


Networking Opportunities

We understand that for many of our visitors and exhibitors, networking is a crucial component when creating lasting business connections. This year Vitafoods Insights Virtual Expo has made it easier than ever for our visitors and exhibitors to connect and build those necessary relationship. With our data-driven matchmaking, you'll be connected to partners with relevant backgrounds and goals that align with your own. Save time, streamline, and find the right people for your brand. 

Additionally, look forward to our roundtable discussions that will feature focused topics on the most current and anticipated trends in the industry. Exchange virtual business cards, hold secure one-to-one video chats, and create lasting business relationships. 

We have made our virtual event a seamless experience for you to gain the most out of your time. 

How does matchmaking work?

Our lead generation matchmaking system accurately pairs exhibitors and attendees together based on objectives, areas of interest and more. Participants can search by company names, business sectors, product and ingredients categories, regions and much more. Once matched, you are free to hold one-to-one or group meetings.

STEP 1 - Update your profile

  • The platform will be opened ahead of the event to allow attendees and exhibitors to plan ahead to make the most of the networking experience
  • Email confirmation with an access link will be provided upon registration
  • Login to create your profile, update information about yourself, your interest and your schedule. Please note your profile will not be visible to other users until you login into the platform and fill in your details

STEP 2 - Find Meetings

  • You can check the auto-suggestions section and also use manual search to discover new business leads by company names and business sectors, product and ingredients categories, regions and much more
  • Send meeting invitations to the selected contacts
  • Plan your diary to maximise the number of meetings confirmed during the week

STEP 3 - Network

  • For the first time, meetings can take place 22 hours a day, from 6am until 4am GMT the following day and invitations could be sent at any time  
  • Up to 8 members could join a meeting at the same time

Roundtable Discussions

Each roundtable discussion at the Virtual Expo will centre around one of four key themes. They will provide insights and sparking new ideas around Mental Performance, Gut and Immune Health, Sports and Active Nutrition and Healthy Ageing.

Gut & Immune Health

Discuss the importance of investing in clinical trials, formulations and design considerations as well as the question of publication in the interest of improved product quality. 

Mental Performance

Cover key talking points around new opportunities as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes nootropics in cognitive performance, growth of e-gaming supplements and more.

Healthy Ageing roundtable

Dive into applied nutrition and business development for a sustainable industry future. Discuss the top 3 nutrients that could significantly improve health-span and more.

Sports & Active Nutrition

This discussion expands on protein for athletes and identifies the whitespace for product developers. It will also touch on plant-based opportunities and key considerations for brands.

Speed Networking

Strategically placed into thematic micro-communities, Speed Networking sessions were designed to connect people with similar interest in the most effective and engaging way. To ensure the process ran smoothly, our dedicated concierge team will be on hand to help with any queries.

Drop-in Meetings

The drop-in meetings feature is a great way to have more control over your schedule. With this, you can attend ad-hoc and drop-in one-to-one meetings with potential new leads easily. This is avilable to everyone during the Vitafoods Insights Virtual Expo hours.