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Bioavailability and delivery systems  - March 2024


Grand View Research valued the global dietary supplements market at $163.9 billion in 2022. It predicts it will grow with a CAGR of 9% from 2023 – 2030.1 As consumers grow increasingly mindful of their nutrient intake and recommended dosages, the nutraceutical industry is leveraging technological advancements to enhance their delivery systems. These innovations ensure that ingredients maintain their functionalities, activity levels, and optimal effectiveness when consumed by individuals. A key driver of innovation in the nutraceutical sector is the diverse range of delivery formats available, including pills, gummies, gels, and liquids. These alternative formats provide consumers with a more convenient experience and contribute to the ongoing evolution of nutraceutical products.

Join this Vitafoods Insights webinar on Bioavailability & Delivery systems to unlock the secrets to enhancing nutraceutical compound effectiveness and to: 

  • Explore cutting-edge delivery systems, and uncover the pros and cons of each in terms of stability, solubility, convenience, and consumer preferences.

  • Gain valuable insights into consumer preferences and uncover strategies for designing delivery systems that cater to diverse tastes, textures, and ease of consumption, leading to increased consumer acceptance and product adherence.

  • Hear from industry experts on overcoming common challenges in achieving optimal bioavailability. 

  • Embrace sustainability and learn how to create sustainable options. 

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