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Innovative technologies and sustainability - 29 August

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According to FMCG Gurus, post-COVID 61% of consumers globally became aware of the need to pursue a healthy lifestyle proactively1. Innovation will continue to pave the way with increased demands for dietary supplements and functional food and beverages that prove successful in offering consumers effective solutions combined with convenience. With choice from a range of tablets, capsules, gels, powders, bars, gummies and liquid delivery formats, consumers want both efficacy and convenient products that taste good. 

In the UK, powders and shakes are popular; however, a key concern for 88% of consumers is to be able to ingest the recommended dosage. As a result, sprays have not proven to be the preferred choice as it is difficult for consumers to know precisely how high a dosage each 'spray' provides2

Innovation in the market is also being driven by consumers’ demand for sustainable products and transparent supply chains. According to First Insight 62% of Gen Z and Millennial consumers, 54% and 44% of Gen X and the Silent Generation prefer to purchase products from sustainable brands3. And research by Deloitte corroborates consumers are proactively embracing sustainable lifestyles, leading to behavioural and purchase changes4

The Market Innovations themed webinars showcase the innovations currently driving change and growth in the market for health products, from ways to ensure bioavailability and improved delivery systems to innovations in ingredient sourcing and new technologies for tomorrow’s products.