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Vitafoods Insights Webinar Series 2023

Let's talk nutraceuticals

Key nutraceutical topics covered by experts

The Vitafoods Webinar Series 2023 covers key nutraceutical market themes, offering attendees the opportunity to get up to speed on market trends, consumer insights and ingredient innovations to create effective formulations.

10 live webinar days covering 5 key themes will feature live discussions and Q&A with topic experts. The sessions will cover market updates, consumer insights, regulatory updates, sourcing tips, innovation updates and relevant startups.

2023 Webinar Series in Numbers




Audience reach per theme

500 - 1,000

Expected registrations per webinar

3 Hours+

Expert content per theme

2023 Webinar Themes

Holistic Health

The Holistic Health themed webinars will identify successful strategies to meet consumers' search for ingredients that work in synergy, offering complementary and simple solutions with multiple benefits.

Life Stages

The Life Stages themed webinars explore dietary health strategies, ingredients and products that cater to the needs of various specific groups and examines the newest insights in personalisation for them. 

Sports and Active Nutrition

The Sports and Active Nutrition themed webinars uncover active consumers’ expectations, identify new product launches disrupting the market, and explore which delivery systems resonate with the new sport nutrition consumers.

Market Innovations

The Market Innovations themed webinars showcase the innovations currently driving change and growth in the market for health products, from ways to ensure bioavailability and improved delivery systems to innovations in ingredient sourcing and new technologies for tomorrow’s products.

Compliance, Food Safety and Food Fraud

The Compliance, Food Safety and Food Fraud themed webinar will provide case studies by regulatory experts on the substances under scrutiny, as well providing examples of adulteration, and highlighting testing methods to ensure product safety. It will further explore the importance of risk assessments and reflect upon what the future of food fraud prevention may look like. 

Upcoming Webinars

Digestive and immune health

17 October 

Past Webinars

Brain health and mental wellness

31 January

Bone and joint health for active lifestyles

28 February

Women's health 

28 March

Bioavailability and delivery systems 

18 April

Energy and recovery management 

27 June

Infant and children's health

25 July

Innovative technologies and sustainability

29 August

Compliance, food safety and food fraud

26 September